Highest Paid Freelancing Jobs in India

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Highest Paid Freelancing Jobs in India

Are you thinking about trying your luck in freelancing jobs, but not sure where to start?

Here is the solution as we’ve listed down the most in-demand and high-paying freelance jobs below.

Choosing freelance career is becoming morepopular than ever.

If you want to work from home and want to balance your work and life, you can choose freelancing as your career. It also adds experience and the gives the right direction to your career. And fortunately, there are thousands of freelancer jobs that pay so well?

Highest Paid Freelancing Jobs in India

There are many freelance websites and job portals available to help you finding a freelancing job. Registering on these websites gives you an opportunity to find a job and to connect to the large community of clients who provide work and pay well.

So, which jobs bring in the highest pay by freelancing? Continue reading the list to find out what the top paying freelance jobs are!

Article and Blog Writing

As there are many clubs available on internet for article and blog writing where you can find many clients who look for writers for their blogs, and they pay well for their work. So you can join any of them.

Blogs related to business, technology and entertainment are one of the best sectors for writing and you can start your career with them.

Clients who pay very well are continuously seeking writers with excellent writing skill. If you’re a skilled writer and enjoy to work from home, you can write for any blog you want and also after getting some experience, you can start your own blog also.

Average Salary- 10-15$ per hour.

Graphic Designer

It is one of the most in-demand freelance jobs. You could be involved in designing webpages or designs for print.

So, if you are an expert in designing and know how to design web pages, you can try this.

Average Salary: 20$-$23 per hour.

Software and Web Developer

Many IT related firms and other companies today are hiring and looking for Freelance Software Developers and Web Developers. Their work is to create web pages and software applications. It is one of the highest paid and in-demand freelance jobs.

If are a computer programmer and have an understanding of code writing, you can be a freelance software developer.

Average Salary- 55$-60% per hour.

Content Writer

One of the most in-demand freelance jobs. If you have an interest in writing, and if your writing skills and thinking capabilities are good, this sector is right for you. Many magazines, news papers, and other organizations look for freelance content writers who can create the content for them.

Average Salary- 12$-15$ per hour.


Being multilingual has always been a huge advantage. Many business related companies, technical companies, legal organizations, media houses need translators who can translate their work from one language to another one.

As a translator, your job will be to translate pages of text, audios and bodies of content.

If you are good at knowing and working with more than two languages, you can try your as freelance translator.

Average Salary- 25$-31$ per hour.

Voice Actors

If you have a good, effective and quality voice, you can be a freelance voice artist. Many advertisement companies, TV shows, radio productions, tech companies or retail stores look for voice actors nowadays. As video advertising is being popular day by day, voice actors are becoming even more in demand.

Average Salary: $46-$52 per hour.


Copywriting is a bit different from content marketing and content writing. Copywriter freelancers emphasize on writing content for website pages and details for products and services. The pay scale for copywriters depend on experience and skills they have. Today, almost all the websites and web portals and other services need copywriters.

Average Salary: $47 per hour.

SEO Specialists

When someone searches something on Google or on other search engines, how high rating and top it comes in the search bar of Google is known as SEO.

As every service and organization today wants to rank themselves high on Google and other search engines- the Search Engine Optimization Specialists are high in demand in the freelance world.

Average Salary:45$- $50 per hour.

Social Media Coordinator/ Manager

Nowadays many companies and organizations need a Social Media Marketing Expert to manage and increase the repo of their organization and to setup a campaign for their existing customers.

Many individuals including celebrities need Social Media experts to help grow their social media following in order to be more famous.

There are many blogs and websites looking for social media experts to grow their following and drive traffic to their websites.

So, if you have a better understanding of using and managing social media, this freelance post is right for you.

Average Salary- 30$-40$ per hour.

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