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Earlier a decade ago people used to choose professions which passionate them. However, due to raise of costs for the day-to-day commodities, uncertainty and competition people have shifted to choosing lucrative and highly paid careers, especially in India as compared to other parts of the world. Today in India there are numerous job avenues as the job market is on full swing and students are getting placements before they complete their education through campus placements and many recruitment firms like Wisdom Jobs are contributing their share in placing people in the highly paid jobs. Money has become the most important criteria in choosing a career. People are more likely to choose those professions in which they are highly paid. All of us would be curious about knowing about the high-paying professions. In fact, you should know that the pay depends on your talent, experience, the quality of education you had. Quality of education here refers to whether you have gained your degree in a reputed institution raising high through competition (In India IIT colleges, IIM Ahmedabad, AIIMS college etc.). Nevertheless, you should be careful while selecting a highly paid job because they may involve high risk and even you should think about the job security. The growth of the organizations totally vests in the hands of these highly paid people i.e. they are highly paid for their expertise. In India, the top paying professions are as follows:

Management Professionals: In the highly paid jobs arena, Masters in Business Administration (MBA or PGDM) is one among the highly paid career options and had an excellent growth curve. Most of the highly paid professionals of Management are from Indian Institute of Management or IBS, one of the prestigious institutes of India. CAT is the exam to be cracked to enter these prestigious institutes. The entry-level salary would range from 7.5- 8 lakh per annum or may go even higher. The Finance sector is the one offering very high packages, which made the earlier professionals shift from FMCG sector. Management has a wide footage all through many industries and professions. Managers set objectives, do a result oriented planning especially operational planning, allocate resources and personnel, follow up the work progress and analyze the outcome and set right the deviations. This direction and leadership would make the organizations more profitable and indirectly contribute to the Indian economy.

Aviation Professionals: As India is emerging economy, there is explosive growth in airline industry and there is lot of scope for further growth. Earlier it was only the government airlines were leading the industry as a whole. Currently the scenario has entirely changed and there is a drastic change. This change resulted in many new airlines in the industry and the magnitude of the industry shot up remarkably. Recently the commercial airline sector had a potential boost. There is a constant and continuous demand for the qualified pilots, ground staff, stewards, air hostesses and thousands of support personnel etc.Salaries of an experienced pilots range from 8-10 lakh per annum and the income of other staff ranges from 4-6 lakh. The international certified professionals are on high demand and receive top scales. The course to perceive this career is highly expensive, but can be done in short time, provided you are interested in this field.

Software Professionals: Software field had been booming since more than a decade and is well trained to do outsourcing job. The field has high demand constantly through out the world. This career proved more lucrative, as the IT professionals are highly paid compared to any other people. The highly paid IT jobs are software developer, software engineer, quality assurance engineer etc. The top people of IT field can earn salaries closer to 12-20 lakh per year. The managers, leads, and supervisors of the project get 9-13 lakh per annum. Engineers and programmers nearly earn 8-8.5 lakh per annum. Moreover, all the major IT companies began issuing stock options to attract and retain genuine talent, which made the field more lucrative.

Chartered Accountant:All the organizations big or small need a charted accountant to maintain book of accounts and preparation of financial reports for every fiscal year. If you really like to manipulate numbers, you cam choose this lucrative career which is in good demand and the pay package is relatively high and has many benefits. Many students are not aware of the prospects and potential in this field. At entry level, a charted accountant in established firms gets a pay ranging from 2-2.5 lakh. Banking Jobs pay 4lakh, and consultancy-consulting firms pay 5lakh. Accountant apprentices earn roughly half the salary. After earning and experience of nearly 31/2 years, apprentices have to pass examinations before progressing to chartered accountant designation.

Medical Profession: Medical profession is the most respectable with all time demand and high earnings. Today doctors of general medicine, paediatrics, surgeons of all specializations, dental specialists, psychiatric specialists, Psychological counselors of all levels and even nursing is of high demand. Students can choose this career after going through medical entrance examination after 10+2. All India Institute of Medical Sciences is the top most and prestigious institute in India. Doctors who want to continue their career have to write US simile and do practice for 2 years. However, this career is suitable for only people who have passion in it and want to serve people for betterment of the society. This career path does not have any recession or downturn and is highly lucrative. We cannot even imagine how huge medical professionals with high educational qualifications and skills could earn. Generally, a general practitioner with some experience can earn an average income of 4-6 lakh per annum.

Offshore Drilling: Oil and Natural Gas Corporation in India is the country is highest profit maker. Therefore the pay scales in this industry are very high and include fascinating perks like car purchase advances, home furnishings, lifelong health care for the family and concerned employee and includes retirement pensions. Entry-level employees can expect a scale of 3.5-4 lakh per annum with additional perquisites of 1.2 lakh.

Mechanical, Electronics and Chemical Engineering professions: Engineering is the oldest, vast, and evergreen career field with highly beneficial career. However, this field often demands high creativity, innovation, and lots of hard work. Lot of dedication is required to create new things and for those who are interested in this can earn bulk of money. Pay package depends on experience, knowledge and the amount of creative work done. For a fresher the salaries range from 4-5 lakh. These fields would be highly interesting and never create monotony for us like any other field, but the pay would be approximately 20% less than IT field.

Modeling: If you have a keen interest in the world of glamour and are having skills of acting, dialogue delivery and want to connect with people and entertain them modeling would be best career for you. As the people like you, you can demand lakhs and crores of money. Not only money but also you can see different places and the work would not be very continuous, you get time to relax and enjoy.

Sports and Games: As all of us know that lot of money is involved in sports for example the IPL matches, it is a very good career to choose. It fetches money, fame and at the same time, you will be having many fans whom you could entertain. Sports like tennis, badminton, car racing, basketball, and indoor games like chess awaken enthusiasm in the viewers and they represent the growth of the country.

Legal professionals: Legal professionals need to understand the basic laws of the respective country they are working in and present them in court whenever needed. Once you are recognized as a good and winning law professional you will earn lakhs or even crores. To achieve this status the legal personnel has to gain adequate knowledge by reading numerous law books and understand the intricacies of the legal bout, especially corporate lawyers earn hug.e payments only for consultations.

You select a profession in which you are interested and work hard and it helps you in earning lot of money

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