Here's why e-commerce firms seek engineers in specialized domains

Posted on 31st May 2016 | 1117 views

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Many e-commerce companies are hiring a lot of engineers for specialized domains. The functional roles in demand are dev ops and analytics, development, automation testing and data sciences. Most demanding jobs for engineers in e-commerce are dev ops and analytics. The other functions in demand are including development, automation testing and data sciences. Recruiters are seeking profiles like system architects, performance experts and security experts. Big data in e-commerce sector is the hot job to know the customer pulse. Big data analysis is the only solution to o know the customer what they like, what they do, what makes them buy, refund or cancel. There is massive data generated daily and it is the one of the most demanding jobs in the current job market getting paid better.

Testing is another roles haunted by recruiters in e-commerce sector. E-commerce is not only a website or an app; it is built with number of tools and systems that are being built to make it work. If one has testing experience in e-commerce sector then, this will certainly help. Also, knowledge of web application testing is a sought-after role. If an engineer looking for a job in an e-commerce company then they needs to be super-dedicated and hard working. One needs to know the art and always eager to learn and not be scared of failures. There is abundance of options and one has to believe in them to be successful. Working as an IT engineer is different from working for an e-commerce product. Many a times they are building things without knowing how the end user consumes or uses it. But in e-commerce, you are building it for the user/customer you know. Here working for an e-commerce company changes the business landscape and you know that you are making a difference. Engineers should be well versed with various functional skills like Python Django, Go, Cassandra, MongoDB, AngularJS and Redis. Java to get well paid.

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