Here's the scope of Robotics Engineering as a Career

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In our everyday lives, the terms Robots and Robotics are very familiar which we come across. What are robots and what do they do?, How do they brunt our existence? Being derived from Czech word 'robota' the word 'robot' means forced 'work' or 'labor'. Robots are machines specially premeditated to execute or perform tasks automatically with speed and automation. Needless to say that, taking up a career in robotics engineering can be a good idea. Let's take a quick look at robotics engineering in a little more detail.

Robotics Engineering as a Career

Definition of Robotics Engineering:

Robotics is the inter-disciplinary field of engineering science that deals with the extensive study of robots. It is an amalgamation of all engineering branches as well. Robotics is all about designing robots, maintaining them, developing new applications and of course conducting research. It is a rapidly developing field with advancements in robotics applications.

Robotics Engineers:

What do they do?

Technical experts working in this domain is referred to as robotics engineers. A robotics engineer must determine the particular needs of each application and customize the robot according to latest requirements. These experts habitually use computer-aided-designing and computer-aided manufacturing (CAD/CAM) systems to perform their tasks.

Job Predictions and Career Options:

With progress in technology, growing at a rapid pace, job prospects are intense for robotics engineers. Robotics career future definitely has a lot of opportunities for professionals who want to enter this field. There are numerous career opportunitiesin the domain of manufacturing, research and development modern day gaming field and a variety of other segments.

Some specialized job roles for robotics engineering professionals are listed below:

  • Senior Robotics Specialist
  • Automated Product Design Engineer
  • Agricultural Instrumentation Engineer
  • Robotics System Engineer
  • Robotics Testers
  • Maintenance Engineers
  • Robotics Programmers
  • Robotics Technicians
  • Robot Design Engineer
  • Robotics Test Engineers

Salary pckage for Robotics Engineers:

If we take a look at the payment part of robotics engineering, it can be said that such experts make considerable amount of money. In India, a robotics engineer can earn between INR 5 to INR 6 lakhs per annum. Gradually with experience and time, it can easily increase to INR 20 to INR 25 lakhs per annum. Finally, it can be said that, those who are truly interested in making career with robotics engineering, can easily believe it, keeping in mind the job prospects in the domain.

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