Here's tech jobs that pay great salaries

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Tech recruiting specialist Mondo recently published a report on the highest-paid tech jobs with salary ranges, reflecting regional differences in pay, with areas like NYC/San Francisco on the high end and areas like Florida/Dallas on the low end.Here's are 13 tech jobs according to Mondo's listing which will help you earn at least $130,000.

Chief security officer: Up to $214,000: The job includes buying and installing computer security products, ensuring corporate apps don't have holes, doing forensics if a problem occurs.

Chief data officer: Up to $200,000: This person would lead a team of data scientists that could span across IT, marketing, and business functions.

VP, information technology: Up to $178,000: This person usually heads the internal tech team and may report to a chief information officer, or maybe the top IT exec at the company.

VP, engineering: Up to $177,000: This person would run the teams of software or hardware engineers who develop products.

Director, PMO: Up to $177,000: A director of project management/program management is the person in charge of a particular tech project or an ongoing program.

Scala developer: Up to $177,000: A computer programmer with Scala language skills is a hot commodity these days.

Application architect: Up to $175,000: An application architect is someone who helps engineers large, complex software programmes with lots of moving parts.

iOS developer: Up to $174,000: An iOS developer writes mobile apps for Apple devices, the iPhone and iPad.

VP, infrastructure: Up to $173,000: A vice president of infrastructure runs the team of people that handle a company's computer hardware: servers, network, storage, and other data center tech.

Android developer: Up to $173,000: An Android developer writes mobile apps for Android devices. Nearly all companies, from your health club to Fortune 500 companies, are writing their own mobile apps.

UI/UX designer: Up to $172,000: A user interface or user experience designer is the person who designs how a person uses a product.

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