Here's How Workplace Friendships Helps in Employee Engagement

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Recent survey mentioned that people who have more friends at work will be 45% more productive than others. However quality relations at work place plays key role in creating a healthy work place. Employees in today?s work place expect emotional compensation to make a happy workplace. Workplace satisfaction also linked with the quality of relationships they maintain at the workplace. Here are some reasons for having quality relationships at workplace:

Here?s How Workplace Friendships Helps in Employee Engagement

  • Strong social support: Harvard business review stated that happy relations at workplace create strong support system personally and professionally. These friends help in creating strong support system for career growth, to give right advice, to provide strong support for personal situations and to boost spirit whenever required. While strong social support creates a great comfort at work place.
  • Happy workplace environment: Workplace monotony is the biggest challenge in today?s workplace. Someone?s strong support at workplace may helpful to create a happy work place environment and productive work life during times of challenge and anxiety offering a happy working life.
  • For long term association with an organization: The survey also mentioned that employees who have friends at work will have fun together at work place and employees with a strong connection with co workers are likely to stay longer at their jobs.
  • Developing a positive work culture: Workplace friendships create a friendly workplace culture and employees shares common beliefs, promote loyalty, share good and bad times. The other facts include:
  • Increases morale
  • Increases knowledge sharing
  • Increases open communication
  • Builds a stronger team cohesiveness
  • The other side of workplace friendships

Here are some other side things of workplace friendships include:

  • Disturbed Professional and Personal Lives
  • Sometimes these friendships can leads to issues
  • Friendships change when situations change
  • Professional jealousy, negative cliques, and loss of work time to socializing, split loyalties

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