Here's how to manage your job profile on social networking site

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Social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram align with different goals that occasionally intersect.

manage your job profile on social networking site

  • Instagram known as a visual portfolio
  • LinkedIn known as a virtual resume
  • Twitter considered as a digital communicator
  • Facebook also considered as a platform though impossible to believe. It occupies great reachability through professional groups and business pages. It is built on existing personal relationships to know more information about a candidate.

What social media sites are popular?

According to the latest survey on Social media channels in Hiring mentioned that LinkedIn (96%), followed by Facebook (66%) and Twitter (53%) reached more group of people as compared to previous year it was Facebook (76%), followed by Twitter (53%), and LinkedIn (48%). The survey also mentioned that social media plays key role in 66 per cent of the organizations to optimize their recruiting tools for smartphones, such as career websites (39%), followed closely by job postings and applications (each at 36%). 47 per cent of employers screen candidates just after receiving an application.

Reshaping the world of hiring

Following facts are observed while reshaping the world of hiring with social media:

  • You can get higher quality candidates with social media channels.
  • It's cost effective.
  • It shortens hiring time.
  • It gives you the competitive advantage.
  • Transparency goes both ways.

The above five reasons helps both employers as well as employees.

Below mentioned tips works as a guideline for our corporate world:

LinkedIn tips

  • Know more.
  • Just don't connect with the hiring manager.
  • Up your LinkedIn SEO.
  • Actually connect with people you don't know.
  • Reconnect with people you do know.

Twitter Tips

  • Follow people at your dream companies.
  • Create lists of all the amazing people you follow.
  • Don't over-interact.

Facebook Tips

  • Don't hide your whole profile.
  • Make professional status updates public.
  • "Like" the companies you love.

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