Here's how to groom top-performing employees

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Talented employees are key source of any organization. Identifying key talent and nurturing them helps in adding competitive advantage to any business by generating enormous dividends.

Here's how to groom top-performing employees

1. Talent Identification Programme:

Here are the few components to consider while identifying the top talent:

1.Should have optimistic attitude

2.Should able to learn new skills

3.Should be an entrepreneurial spirit

4.Should have crisis management skills

5.Should have analytical Skills

6.Should be innovative

7.Should have team spirit and leadership skills

8.Should have decision-making skills

9.Should have Strong communication skills

10.Should have strong work-ethic

11.Should be proficiency in work

12.Should be sincere and integrity

2. Mentoring programme: Mentoring programmes plays key role in employee grooming sessions as the real time experiences of the senior leaders in leveraging their knowledge. Senior employees experienced enough to provide valuable tips to younger employees. They play different roles as a counsellor, guide, and teacher to get aware of the different facets of corporate culture.

1.Mentors also help to share their experiences and learn business skills

2. To help young talent to identify opportunities.

3.To discuss about business strategies

4.To support the talent when need arises

5.To provide them with adequate exposure

6.To understand work-related obstacles faced by young talent

3. Leadership training: Leadership training is important for today's competitive job market in order to impart knowledge on different business specialties such as sales, finance, business strategy and innovation. Leadership training also enables employees to know their strengths and weaknesses and help them in developing a specific vision and executable plan for emergency situations.

4. Business Communication Training: Having strong business communication skills may helpful to become a successful leader. A good business leader is one who is a good listener can help to achieve their goals in diverse business contexts.

5. On-the-job training: On the job training is provided by assigning difficult assignments/projects where they can utilize all their training and create a meaningful impact on the organization.

6. Flexible Work Environment: While grooming employees organizations should offer employees with a flexible work environment to maintain work-life balance.

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