Here's how to get a better job in 2017

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Now a days many organizations have changed their mode of hiring people and starting taking interviews seriously in recruiting skilled and stable employees who can travel with the organization for a long period of time. More work is being done in recruiting candidates by the companies. Here are some essential and important skills with which you can crack interviews in 2017.

Here?s how to get a better job in 2017

  • Build the right resume: Resumes are considered to be the ladder for taking the candidate to next stage of interview process. Care should be taken while preparing resumes and preparing your creative resume makes you stand out from all others in competition.
  • Advanced Preparation: Preparing for an interview always helps the candidates in positive ways. Generally many employers start the interview process with questions like tell me something about yourself which can make you leave an impression on your employer. Allot some time and prepare an interesting answer on such questions which can help you earn the favor of employer.
  • Try to Research about the organization and person: Prior research about the organization helps you to understand better about the company which can help you in your interview process. It's also important to find out any information about the person who is going to interview you.
  • Be tech savvy: Update yourself with latest technology updates. Brush-up your Ms-Office skills and basic computer skills. For marketing people try to have an idea about digital marketing. These skills can be showcased in the resume and interview which can help you stand out from others.
  • Clean up your social media accounts: Be careful at all times what you post and what it conveys. Keep all your accounts clean of any objectionable comments. People now-a-days are stalked by the HR department on social media. Clean up social media accounts before your job search or job interview.
  • Lead the interview: There are times when you might be asked about to share your experience on some project or intricate on your achievements. You can lead these questions to areas that you are most comfortable discussing. This way you can show your best and impress the interviewer(s).
  • Ask perceptive questions: Most recruiters give you a chance to ask questions at the end of the interview. You could do some preparation for this also. Ask perceptive questions about the role and the organization.

Lastly, always be formally dressed, relaxed and confident. These characteristics show through and add to your personality.

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