Here's how SWOT Analysis helps to Advance Your Tech Career

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  • What sets you apart from your peers in terms oftechnical skills and abilities, traits, experience, certifications and performance (output)?
  • What does your product? (i.e., your skill-set) deliver that others don't?
  • What types of situations or tasks do you handle well?
  • What are you passionate about?
  • What do you like to do?
  • What do other people see as your strengths?

SWOT Analysis helps to Advance Your Tech Career


  • What is your Achilles heel?
  • What negative feedback have you received from others, including prospective hiring managers?
  • What tasks do you struggle with or try to avoid?
  • Why would an employer select another candidate over you?
  • Could you be passed over for a key project or promotion, and why?
  • What knowledge, skills and certifications are you missing?


  • How can you take advantage of the current market?
  • Is there an unmet need for a skill or trait that you possess?
  • How can you leverage your strengths more than you're currently doing?
  • Is there an opportunity to pivot to an emerging role or industry?
  • How you are uniquely positioned to solve your company's problems or to create innovative solutions?
  • What could be done today that isn't being done?
  • Could you enhance your skillset by transferring to a new team or project?
  • Could you raise your stature and expand your network by blogging or speaking at conferences?


  • Which of your technical skills will be the first to go out-of-date?
  • What skills do new CS grads have that you don't?
  • How could an industry-wide shift to the cloud, Big Data, IoT, mobile, or any other new technology impact your role or specialty?
  • What are the biggest threats facing your industry/company and how will they impact you?
  • Is your company using cutting-edge technology, or is it behind the times?
  • If you were laid off tomorrow, how long would it take you to find a new position?

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