Here's How Startups Hire the Candidate while Interviews

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Startup hiring has grown in this financial year. Many small companies are also actively hiring and increased their hiring activities. Most of the startup businesses offer attractive work environment with fat pay cheques including pay benefits than any other established companies. But, startups are looking for self motivated people to take on additional responsibilities mentioned in the job description. Here is ways startups follow to find the self motivated people.

Startups Hire

Follow our interview tips and prepare well for the startup interviews:

If the candidate keen to know about equity/ESOPs, it's a great sign that the candidate is willing to take part in company growth story. It is also good sign if the candidate talks about the special projects he/she initiated in current or previous job. It's a good sign if the candidate is looking to have additional certifications to up skill themselves. If the candidate has own business then it's an additional quality. If the candidate is ready to work late nights and weekends will be additional quality. If the candidate explains about their career vision of 5-10 years then also it will be an assurance. If the job candidate downloaded the mobile app and tested before the interview and it will be a sign of self motivation. A startup environment requires working beyond their job responsibilities and beyond their immediate domain. Self motivation is an important act required for a candidate to work for a startup company.A candidate's personality also analyzed by asking some questions related to their goals for their work and their lives and other interest they have.

Here are the questions include:

How did you overcome significant obstacles of which you're proud of?

How did you push through overcome those challenges ?

What's the lowest point you've had at work and what did you do?

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