Here's how startups exploring innovative ways to attract top talent

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Startup companies are exploring innovative ways to find top talent. A Bangalore based startup company's website directs candidates to a time regulated page with five multiple-choice questions. The candidates who can answer all questions correctly within 20 minutes will get a call for face to face interview. Many startups giving up the traditional hiring methods as well as adopted innovative ways of recruitment.

- Traditional search methods incurs lot of time and efforts ,these new method of solving quizzes and puzzles will helpful to shortlist the right candidates. There are separate tests for engineers and senior professionals senior who wish to seek career in startups. Senior people are assigned with a specific story problem. Here, there's no right or wrong answer, but it inadvertently highlights the basic traits of the interviewee no matter how much they may try to portray a certa in personality type. Bangalore based technology enabled budget hotel brand asks potential candidates to do an internship with the company for a week or two and solve real world problems.

- The internship period helps the company whether the candidates fits with the rest of the team or not. Internship would help to assess whether someone will be a good fit, professionally and culturally. Startups, having the right talent on board not only helps them funding but also helps them get forward in their area of expertise. Startup recruiters are exploring the ways to push top talent in absence of big brand image.

- Bank Bazaar conducts casual interactions to evaluate personality and attitude towards work and life. Junior to senior people involves in this process, it helps to ensure the ability of the candidates to work with the rest of the team. Startups analyze thousands of profiles they received for the job application to find best fit for their organization. Coupon dunia posted in their web site Apply now for 20% easier interview questions.

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