Here's How Pre-assessments Helps in Candidates Evaluation: Survey

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Pre-assessments are used to measure such areas as skills, behaviors, motivation, and attitudes. Companies that relied solely on the assessment test results saw a 15% increase in the tenure of their hires. In fact, this number was reduced by 5% when hiring managers were given the option to make exceptions and hire some candidates that did not score high on the pre-hire tests. Tests are used for 72% of middle management positions and up to 80% of senior roles, compared with 59% of entry-level positions. Some employers are starting to assess EI with performance tasks. Like IQ or aptitude tests, such as the eye test, below present problems to solve, but the decision maker determines which answers are best. Over 35% of respondents indicated that their organizations do not evaluate the effectiveness of their assessment programs in any way.

Here's how pre-assessments helps in candidates evaluation

Despite this, a high percentage of respondents (79%) indicated that they felt assessment had a positive impact on their organization. Respondents also indicated that they are more likely to evaluate their general staffing and recruiting programs than they are to evaluate their assessment programs. Over 54% of assessment users indicated that they deploy both paper-based and online assessment, whereas 30% indicate that they use only online assessment. Over 35% of responding organizations report that they do not evaluate the use of assessment. The survey indicates that only 19% of organizations using assessment rely on a formal RFP process. The majority of respondents indicated that they use a combination of processes or a more informal, ad hoc approach. Nearly 26% of large employers used pre-hire assessments. By 2020, the number had climbed to 57%, reflecting a sea change in hiring practices that some economists suspect is making it tougher for people, especially young adults and the long-term unemployed, to get on the payroll. This generally low rate of assimilation (under 25%), however, is not really surprising; although use of an ATS has become standard in most large HR operations, the full capabilities of such systems are not typically utilized.

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