Here's how pre-assessment tools help recruiters

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Pre-screening employees will help you to get a better sense of candidates'skill sets, character, attitude, and overall personality'. According to a recent survey it was known that, 53% of all job applications contain inaccurate information. Inaccurate information in resumes increases the time takes to hire a new person from scheduling interviews and preparing questions to blocking out the time to actually meet with candidates. Pre-screening will help you to find the right profiles that fit the job requirement, so you can make sure you only interview the most qualified candidates face-to-face.Pre-screening candidates helps reduce hiring mistakes that can be difficult to undo once someone is on board.

Hiring the right person the first time will greatly reduce the amount of turnover at your company, and its accompanying costs. Pre-screening tools allows you to understand a candidate even better than you can through only a face-to-face interview. You'll see areas of strength and weakness in a controlled setting with quantifiable results, so you'll be able to compare candidates across the board. Employers across the industries, including IT, retail, health care, education, banking, professional services and technology are all using some sort pre-hire assessment tool. Online pre-employment screenings and assessments are popular among many Fortune 500 companies, but companies of all sizes can benefit from using an assessment tool as part of their hiring process.

Types of pre-hire assessments used today:

1.personality/cognitive assessments and

2.skills assessments.

Pre-employment screening conducted immediately after a candidate submits an application and immediately prior to deciding which applicants to interview.

Pragnya meter is an online assessment recruitment tool built by wisdom jobs a unique fourth generation job portal to test a candidate's domain knowledge based on their experience level such as beginner, intermediate or expert, across 6,000 different skill requirements.Pragnya tool test a candidate skills online and helps recruiters to find talented candidates based on their pragnya score.

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