Here's how APPs can help you stay healthy and active at work

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In our day to day technology filled lifestyle most of us work with desk-bound jobs. But it doesn't mean that everyone can't be active in their work premises. Check out some free apps which can be used to do speedy exercises without moving far away from the work station.

APPs can help you stay healthy and active at work


Stretching exercises for body: Stretching exercises are the best quickest and easiest of exercises which can be done at your desk. Android users can try the Stretch Exercises by IMOBLIFE INC. app and 1 minute desk workout app for IOS by Simarim which offer over 40 stretching sorted in categories for exercising various body parts.

Quick breaks for stress fee work: Taking regular breaks can avoid strain injuries and back problems. You can set a reminder at even hours to take breaks in your smart phone. Apps like remind alarm clock and break reminder for android and alarmed app for IOS users can help you in setting reminders to take a quick break from your stress full work

YOGA work outs: All yoga exercises don't require a lot of space to move around. You can do yoga at your desk by downloading the best yoga apps like Office Yoga: At your Desk app that is available for IOS users. For Android users yoga apps like Daily Yoga along with its office Yoga are available to reduce stress at work.

Protecting your eyes: Watching bright screens all the time at work can strain our eyes. Rather than lowering the brightness level, try using the apps that work better like blue light filter. For android users the BLUELIGHT filter app or the TWILIGHT app helps to reduce the blue light effect. For IOS users low light filter mode is already made available by Apple.


FOR YOUR EYES: Free programs like Flux are available for Windows. MAC and LINUX computers have automatix colour adjustment according to the time of day. You should configure them according to your requirement to reduce the eye strain.

Better Sitting Postures: One of the main reasons for backache and cervical pains is sitting on a chair in wrong posture. For MAC users apps like Posture Man Pat app can be help full in warning you about your incorrect posture of sitting. Another app called NEKOZE is a similar one which warns with a cat that meows at your change of posture.


Most of the organizations today don't allow their employees to install anything on the work computer. You can use a web based timer to take breaks. Websites like on your browser lets you choose a 20 second break every 20 minutes on the page and suggests eye exercises to reduce eye strain. Chrome users can get the STRICK WORKFLOW extension while Firefox users can us the TAKE A BREAK plug-in. In case your office system does let you install software, you can get Eyeleo ( or the BigStretch app ( for Windows. MAC users can get the Time Out or from the Mac App Store for similar function. All the apps remind you to take breaks for time intervals set to reduce stress.

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