Here’s why candidates fail to impress interviewers

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Here’s why candidates fail to impress interviewers

So,why few candidates,shortlisted are so competitive from others? Here’s why few candidatesfail to impress recruiters at interview stage.

Poor preparation: Employers lookfor the employees who have been able to answer their questions ina proper way may fulfill their requirements. Candidates who reach at an interview not knowing about the company, the industry and/or the role are in a bad position to compete with well-prepared professionals who spends more time on interview preparation t match with the employer’s exact requirements.

Here’s why candidates fail to impress interviewers

Displaying negative attitude: Attitude plays key role in defining character and influencing the employment decision. If you are talking bad about previous bosses, companies and colleagues; defensive or rudely answers to key interview questions, aggressive answers, posturemay give negative impression. Employers look for the candidates with positive attitude

Lack of enthusiasm in the company: employers are looking for the candidates who have enthusiasm or more passion towards work If you convince the employer that you are passionate about their company andwork culture they will not see excessive trust in your long-term loyalty, stamina or staying power.

Vague, coined or dishonest answers: no matterhow expert you are you need to practice at the time of interview. Be positive in your conversation and constructive, never discuss about your past failures or negative circumstances that drives your real weaknesses

Lack of clarity on personal USPs: If you are not clear about what you offer to the job role then employer will have vague clarity. Project your key strengths, skills and competencies to the requirements of the role you are attending job interview Create a list of your strengths and add relevant examples from your past achievements that demonstrate eachstrength in a clear way.

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