Here are the ways to make millennials effective team players

Posted on 21st Jul 2016 | 1167 views

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Here are the ways to make millennials effective team players

Recent study found that millennials are lacking genuine commitment to their work and job. But there are ways to improve commitment among millennials, regarding their own work, the team's work, the team and the organization at large. The interesting facts include millennialsprefer to communicate through electronic channels than face to face or telephonic communication platforms. Millennials like flexible work option rather than high pay and benefits. Here are few ways to make millennials team players:

Build strong relationships: Experts suggest that millennial should spend more time in building positive relationships with their teams for effective collaboration and coordination among teams.

Open feedback: It is important to note that companies support and train millennial to be open to feedback, which will translate into learning and growth. It will create a sense of belonging and mutual purpose among the team members.'

Problem solving skills: Career experts believe that millennials want to seek solution from others as they don't work towards a solution. Millennials must work towards becoming problem-solvers. Instead of passing the buck or trying to avoid facing problems head on, they should learn to get it out in the open for discussion and then collaborate with others to find solutions and form action plan.

Encourage innovative thinking: Companies must encourage millennial to think in an innovative way. Experts believe that they take higher risks and are rebellious, creative and fearless; they aren't too accepting of hierarchical models. They have the ability to combine their unstructured knowledge with their freedom of speech which is important for building high performing teams.

Creating flexible work opportunities: Generally millennials work more and perform more, if they are provided with flexible work opportunities. They must learn to consider different points of views and compromise when the team needs to work together.

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