Here are the things you never say in a performance review

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Annual performance review presents an opportunity to demonstrate your accomplishments and achievements to your employer.

Here are the things you never say in a performance review

Avoid the following phrases in your next review:

I'm not paid to ... or I'm not paid enough to. This statement shows that you are more interested to pay than taking responsibilities. If you think I'm bad you should see ...I deserve a raise, or Can I have a raise? or I should be making more money. I'm going to find another job unless That's what everyone says, or That's what my last boss told me, too. I'm bored with my job. This statements show that you are bored with your current role. I wish you had told me sooner. Can I give you some constructive criticism now? Who told you that? or Where did you hear that? You're wrong, or, Are you kidding me? Be professional and listen to your employer. But, don't argue with the employer. I think you're being overly critical. That's not my fault or It's John's fault.

Good leaders never finger point they take responsibility. But that's just who I am ,you knew that when you hired me, or I don't think that's something I can change. Yup, you nailed it. That's me: employee of the year. Avoid sarcasm that will make you look insecure. You should have or, You could have ... or You ought to .It's about time someone recognized the great work I'm doing. I don't care, or, Whatever or that doesn't bother me. These words will definitely hurt your boss. Saying nothing is almost as bad as saying any of the above. Showing your feelings through your body language, facial expressions or by simply sitting in silence.

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