Here are the things interns should never say at work

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Internship at the company is considered as a three-month-long interview and a successful internship is a passport to the great job opportunity. Your performance during the internship determines whether or not the company will hire you or not? Being positive, respect for deadlines and having good attitude to be a star intern.

Here are the things interns should never say at work

Avoid these career killing statements to get hired by the company:

1.I got this job because of an inside connection

2.Can I work on X project instead of this?

3.I hate .or It's so annoying when ..?

4.How much would I get paid if I landed a job here? [Insert co-worker's name here] doesn't know what she's doing.

5.I didn't have to get coffee/print copies/file paperwork at my last internship.

6.It doesn't matter how well I do it, as long as it gets done. ?

7.I'm only doing this so I can put it on my resume.I don't think this was in the job description

8.When will you make the hiring decision?

9.No, thanks. I brought my lunch today

10.I'm bored.

11.Can you repeat what you said in the meeting?

12.I'm sorry to be a bother.

13.Since this is an internship/I'm not paid, can I take a little extra time off?or I'm going to head out early ?

14.Hey man/dude/ladies, what up?

15.You are the most amazing manager ever.

16.I have the worst hangover.

17.I can't figure this out or We have a huge problem and I don't know what to do ?

18.I'd actually like to try this my way?

19.Just gotta send this text real quick

20.Did you hear .or I heard ... or I once worked at X company, and ..

21.Okay, what should I do next?

22.Mainly, I'm doing this for my resume/references.

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