Here are the skills to survive volatile times

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Changing business scenarios create many jobs as well as terminate also. Here are few skills that offer quick employment opportunities in tough phases. Changing along with the times business operations are also changing with certain acts such as mergers, acquisitions, acqui-hiring, downsizing/rightsizing, scaling up/down operations. Change in business operations of a company may create situations like change in job role, attrition, hiring for some roles and firing for other simultaneously and the sorts. In fact it is important that every professional must be thorough with skills and knowledge pertaining to his domain but still be ready for the changing professional demands.

- The changing decisions in business are the reason for hire and fire. Changes in business dynamics will impact the staff like handing over pink slips, offering voluntary retirement, extending a golden handshake and the sorts. While rightsizing the organization structure, companies layoff 5-10 percent employees who are on high cost or are less productive or are surplus resources. If a company eliminates particular wing from its portfolio, then the staff dealing with it will relieve from their services. Some employees will be relieved by offering hefty compensation, while some employees will be considered for new roles. The ones retained have the challenge to fit in new teams and culture while the ones who were asked to leave have the daunting task on finding job right away.

- However there are few skills that help a professional to get hired for the jobs during tough times. Skills including web development, content writing/copy writing, content editing, graphic designing, UI designing and UX designing offering candidates huge placement offers across locations and functions. Companies looking for the candidates who have certain skills like risk taking , exposure to technologies, ability to work in diverse cultural environment, expertise in domain, decision science and analytical abilities. Product based startups and tech companies are looking mobile developers, UX/UI designers, growth hackers, front end engineers, data scientist, product managers and digital marketers.

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