Here are the questions asked by edu-tech startups

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Startups in edu-tech segment hire the candidates by thorough evaluation of candidates. The interview questions from the startups can vary from ideas to revamp Doordarshan to tackling joblessness. In a startup resources are limited and everybody will be encouraged for their ideas. But every idea may not be implemented but it will be done as per the priority of the organizations. Even the plans of startups also keep changing. It is important to plan and re-plan if necessary. The answers to the below questions explores a candidate commitment to planning and flexibility to change.

Here are the questions asked by edu-tech startups

Below are the questions a mix of technical and soft questions asked to the interview candidates in a job interview.

Tech skills:

Question: When the query is product related, I ask them to solve a real-life technical problem we are currently working on. When it is product management, I check if they can strategize for a highly engaging edutainment product. If it is for a product manager's post, I ask how you would revamp a channel like Doordarshan.

Question: Which idea/product feature/initiative suggested by you was not accepted at your last job Why and what was your reaction?

Soft skills

Question: What would you do if this job didn't work out and we have to let you go in three months? I also ask: What did you do last Saturday?

Question: Tell us one thing that you would change in our product/service. This gives us an insight into what homework has been done by the candidate, whether an effort has been put to understand the product, market and the need it fulfills. Question: How important is a plan and to what detail will you plan your work?

Question: A startup can sink or sail. How does a high-risk proposition fit in with your career goals?

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