Here are the innovative recruitment practices of SMEs

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Finding the right staff, retaining them can be a big challenge for any company either SME or established firm. Recruitment is a major cost for any company, but a bad hire costs more as it involves high advertising costs, lost time, training, retraining and loss of productivity. To overcome these challenges many companies are turning towards social media or online recruiting. Social media recruiting is a cost effective and highly efficient method of souring to hire graduates, freshers and experienced, permanent or temporary staff. Meanwhile, SMEs should consider below method to source candidates efficiently, without spending excess of time and money.


1. Building a career page in website: Reduce advertising costs by building a career or vacancies page in their website. This is a cheapest method of advertising source to find suitable candidates via traditional channels. SMEs should market their talent hunt as they market their products and services in the market. Firm should lure all potential candidates by presenting their market brand for effective talent acquisition. Job platforms works as a platform to know

2. CV Databases: Search jobs boards to find ideal candidates from the CV databases. It will simplify the hiring process by identifying the right talent from the job market.

3. Find passive candidates: Create a brand value to your business that can attract passive candidates who are employed but not looking for a job currently. Here you can find experienced passive candidates rather than searching or suitable one. Go through social media profile of passive candidates to evaluate their experience levels before engaging with them.

4. Employer branding: Employer branding promotes a company to recruit, attract, hire and retain top talent. It helps to achieve company business plans in a cost effective manner.

5. Advertise your job openings in Social media: Social media is the fastest way to tap top talent and attract right candidates to apply. Many job seekers search over social media platforms to find new job openings. Post your unadvertised open positions in social media page, link them to your company website or official career page. Search on social platforms like LinkedIn and even Twitter and Facebook for faster and cost effective recruitment methods. Here you will get a clear picture of candidates personality before the interview itself.

6. Employee referrals: Referral candidates are worthwhile as they know about the job requirement in detail and refer candidates in a trust worth sources.

7. Employee benefits: Think about the employee benefits and perks you have to offer. If you are looking to hire best candidates then make sure that you are offering some attractive incentives to add reputation to your firm and make it as a great place to work.

8. Training and development: Employee training and development programs are not only meant to overcome staff retention but also helpful to run business more effectively. It is an excellent tool in the job market for new businesses like SMEs.

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