Here are Some Funny things that Employees Perform During Appraisal Time

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Yearly salary hike times are approaching very fast. Salary hikes normally predict lot of prospects for employees, but frequently these go together along with nervousness as well. Some employees also have a tendency to furtively speck down a list of their accomplishments that they would like to make their managers come across during their appraisals.

Here are Some Funny things that Employees Perform During Appraisal Time

While speaking to employees across different platforms and domains, we came to know that there are many sensitive and very funny things that employees follow at the time of hikes.

Top 5 among them to check are below:

1. Employees have an eye on each other : Most of the employees have a propensity to become surreptitious agents in a proposition to decide on clues about how the evaluations are going to charge for all, and particularly for them. Some start in linking normal acts, like boss mentioned my work 5 times today, that means something big is on my way. Some others put a label on managers attendance and offer guesses like he is going to complete the appraisal discussion before his vacation in the second week. And many more

2. Assisting the HR : Most of the employees feel culpable of this. They can be seen roaming around the HR cabin to get a glimpse of the likely average appraisals coming their way. You can find employees talking in casual ways with HR personnel with many enquiries like I wanted to casually check if the boss is considering expanding the team and nothing I hope.

3. Extended breaks : Break meetings are committed to long lasting chats to forecast the team appraisals. Some employees try to estimate the mood of fellow colleagues in surreptitiously. Conversations about the fellow colleagues can come with reasons which are best known to the tea-coffee group members only.

4. The lucky charms help : All the employees feel that the pen with which we fill the appraisal form would bring the good news. Some chant names of their divinity, some bets on the power of colored clothes, shoes, pens, bags and the whole things when they head for face to face discussion with the appraiser.

5. Refreshed enthusiasm : Most of the employees feel that they still have enough time to start once again. You can watch group of people roaming inside office with refreshed enthusiasm and relish. This group of employees feel that everything is not lost, and the new impression can show an impact on managers and bosses which may result into a better bargains at appraisal times.

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