Here are some first signs you should not accept that first job

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Some signs which create negative impression when you are attending a job interview. If you come across below mentioned first signs then you should not accept that job. Here are some signs you're interviewing with a company you'd never want to work for. Everyone is new but the business is not .High staff turnover is always a worrying sign. Interviewer complains about their current staff when they first meet you. Already bad mouthing staff to someone who might become part of the team quickly flags up then run the other way and don't look back. Random buzz words and phrases are never good. It reflects that a company doesn't have a clear idea how they want to utilize you and you may assigned with several roles simultaneously.

- Overselling a job depicts that the job description is too vague and you weren't questioned about your experience if you have relevant experience. If you see that a job is advertised again and again then something is bad. If the job doesn't mention about the career progression then you can do better than a dead end job. Ask the workers and know about what's the best thing and worst to work for that company. If the boss is not there then people can be really honest.

- If your potential employer asks for money to start working over there then you might think once before join. Just observe that how do employees act around the boss when he speaks? If they are looking at the floor and doesn't want to be there then this says the boss is an embarrassing leader. Look at the expressions and body language of the people you meet in the company. So, accept your job offer based on this.

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