Here are greatest challenges faced by freshers in their first job

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Here are some challenges freshers faces in their first job


Not having work readiness skills:Usually recruiters are always looking to hire experienced professionals as their experience will saves the training cost. Recruiters bit hesitate to hire college graduates or freshers as they are not focused towards their job, taking inventiveness and being efficient, accepting procedures and protocols, and being flexible. Here employers should explain about the realities of a workplace, along with being aware of the practical expectations around them.

Leaving the job within 6 months:Because of the plenty of jobs and multiple channels to search job, freshers have access to the endless job opportunities across functional areas. They can jump around companies and get what they want. Companies can overcome this challenge by ensuring the right amount of movement and challenge is given to the new employees. By providing access to mentors who can administer job guidance and help them understand their role and responsibility by honing their skills, the problem can be solved to a great extent.

Frail Marketing foundation: Freshers have instant access to ample information and they are conscious of the power it holds in today's age. Somehow, all their information is theoretical and is not getting controlled practically. The problem lies in our educational system that does not have access to detailed courses and uses a hardly updated curriculum. Companies can provide internships to freshers before hiring them. This not only gives them a glance into the work readiness the candidate holds, but also helps the fresher clear his/her impressions about the job

Require presentation skills : All professionals are expected to give presentations as part of their job. While some suffer from the fear of speaking in public, others lack the right way of doing so. Unintentionally, their job suffers. Despite being shy, one can learn to present themselves with confidence with a little help from colleagues or peers, thus overcoming their fear.

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