Global recruitment trends in 2016

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Recent study by LinkedIn reveals that employee retention; quality of hire, employer brand is the most important trends of the year 2016. While social networks take the spot in sources of quality hires, refererals has grabbed the attention of hiring managers across the globe. Experts believe that referred employees will have a longer tenure and higher job performance. Moreover more leaders considered employee referrals as an essential trend in recruitment process. However employee referral trend is emerging as a hot trend, there's a huge opportunity to get ahead and strengthen programs. Recent survey by the recruitment provider found that over 39% of talent leaders rank high on using employee referrals, but only 8% truly feel best in class. It is also believed that employee referrals are the most important source of good, quality hires.

Global recruitment trends in 2016

Employer brand is also emerging as top priority; while many employers are focusing more on employer brand over the past two years. To increase the brand value organizations are creating more proactive strategies and using more outbound channels, like online professional networks and social media. When organizations are invest more in their employer brand, talent acquisition teams worldwide continue to share employer brand efforts with cross-functional partners. Employee retention is also emerges as a top trend in 2016. Internal hiring is significantly lower and employees who are concerned about retention will prioritize internal recruiting. Currently internal hiring is not a prioritized but very few defined programs in place. For an effective internal hiring program, recruiters should maintain relationships with candidates post-hire and keep them in their long-term pipeline. While employer branding and employee referral programs will continue as emerging trends in 2016. The other areas expected to dominate in 2016 are social professional networks and sourcing passive candidates. The study also mentioned that more than one third of companies are using ad-hoc internal hiring process, while 25 percent people using a well defined program for advancement opportunities, and 12 percent people are using a well defined program for lateral opportunities and less than 12 percent people are not using any internal hiring program.

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