Format of Transfer Letter

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Format of Transfer Letter

What is Transfer Letter?
Transfer Letter is a request or a noticeof offering a transfer which is issued to an employee typically to inform the employee regarding his/her transfer to another branch/location of the company or to another working job position available to the suitable employee. Transfer Letter is typically been issued by the Human Resource department to the employees including all the essential details regarding the transfer which serves as a legitimize document.
There may be two possibilities of issuing the Transfer Letter:
1) Transfer Letter to employee from the employer and
2) Transfer Letter by the employee.
However the second one is rare as legal Transfer Letters are typically issued by the employee through HR department.

Format of Transfer Letter

Purpose of offering Transfer Letter
Some of the purposes of offering the Transfer Letter by the employer are as follows.
●Filling of vacant seat at another office location.
● An immediate job position.
● For the sake of employee promotion.
●If the skills of certain employee matches in other work appointment/job position.
●For the change of management.

How to write a Transfer Offer Letter?

Tips of Writing an Accurate and Precise Transfer Letter
Since, Transfer Letter is a legitimized official letter by the HR authority, thus it needs to be precise, short, accurate and to the point. Employers are required to make sure that the letter is written in a positive approach.
Below are some important tips to write the precise and accurate Transfer Letter.
● Mention the date of issue of transfer explicitly.
●Be thankful to the certain employee for his/her contribution to the organization.
●Briefly provide the complete information as to why the transfer is necessary.
●Mention all the related transfer details such as position, date of joining, perks and incentives etc.
● Mentioning the reason for the transfer is good.
●Balance the skills and assets of the employee with the needs of the company and the new position the employee is being transferred.
●Keep the letter short, accurate and precise as much as possible.

Format of the Transfer Letter

In order to help the employers writing the Transfer Letter, below is the official format of the letter which surely will be helpful.

------------ (your address)

-------------- (address of the person the letter is addressed to)

Date: -------------- (date on which the letter is written)

Subject: Employee Transfer

Dear Mr/Ms ------------------ (name of the employee),
We are happy to inform you that you are transferred to the ---------------- branch of your request due to superb performance over the months. The organization has been assessing your performance and has decided to offer you this transfer. You have been an important part of the increase in sales for over a period, and we are fortunate to have you with us.

You have to join the ------------ branch on --------------. You are given a short break for 15 days before you start the work at the new office space. For salary details, contact the human resource department.

Wish you all the best!

Best Regards.

------------------ (name of the signing authority)

------------------ (designation of the signing authority).

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