Fired vs. Resigning : Reasons for both

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In companies firing and resigning of employees goes on simultaneously and more over firing of the employees happens mostly at the time of recession. Employees who are removed by the company can be called as fired and the employees who quit the company by themselves can be called as resigning. Reasons for firing and resigning may be different. When a person is not performing well or is no more needed by the company, then the employee may get fired by the employers.


Here are some reasons for getting fired or for resigning:

1. Reasons for getting fired: Unfortunately, at times employers fire their employees without any reason. This is called as employment at will where the employee will be told at the time of employment that they can be removed at any time without any reason and without any notice. And most of the times employees may be fired by giving them a specific reason for why they have been fired.

Some of the specific reasons behind firing an employee would be:

If the employee is not performing well and is not showing any interest towards work

If he/she is violating the company rules and regulations

If he/she is found lying about their qualification and experience

If the employee is doing personal work in the office and that too during office hours

If he/she is taking too many leaves without intimating or often coming late to office

If the employee is seen damaging the companys property

If he/she is misbehaving with colleagues and with the authorities.

If the employee is damaging the company reputation by talking badly about the company or the boss through different social networking sites like facebook, twitter etc.

If the employee is consuming alcohol, drugs or is smoking at the work place

If the employee is harassing his/her co-workers and is gossiping more without doing work.

If he/she is found stealing or lying in the company.

2. Reasons for resigning: There may be many reasons for an employee in resigning from a company in which they are working.

Some of the specific reasons for an employee behind resigning would be:

When there is no appreciation or there is no recognition for the work they do then it could be one of the major reasons for an employee to leave the organization

When there is no proper performance management system

If the employee is getting too much of work all the time which is beyond his/her limits

When they are assigned work that doesn't match their designation, they will get frustrated and disappointed with their job

When an employee is underpaid for the work they do or if they do have enough benefits when compared with other companies

When the employee has less opportunity to grow within the organization, then they would like to leave the job because everyone wants the best stage of his career according to his abilities.

Sometimes employees cannot create good relations with their seniors or with colleagues. Therefore it gets difficult to work in an unhealthy environment and bad work culture and employees resign.

It will be very boring to do the same job for long time. Employees get frustrated and tired of doing the same job and they resign.

When the company is moving to some other location where the employee cannot go and work.

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