Finished your interview ???

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When you have finished your interview and waiting for further rounds ,when you have given your best in the job interview and you have to turn that success of an interview to the final job offer. Follow up after the interview is the mantra that sets you ahead of competition. It is a great opportunity for a candidate to showcase his pro-activeness, enthusiasm and suitability.


Below interview skillsmay helpful to maintain positive impression with the interviewer.

Get recruiters details:It is better to take the business card of the interviewer before you leave that room. If you forget it to ask in the interview itself, then ask the receptionist before leaving and take the details of interviewer like full name, mail id and contact number. If you have interviewed by more than two, then take details from all of them of further follow-up.

Think about your performance in an interview:Just recall the topics discussed in an interview and make notes on that and analyze your-self about the interview. It will give you a clear picture on your interview. It will give you a picture about the results.

Create a rapport:You can send a formal thank you email with your complete name, mail id and contact number. Send this mail on the same day, so that the interviewer can remember you easily for further rounds ofwork from homejobs.

Be in touch with your references:Get in touch with the references and the company for the positions you have applied for. Make a call or send a mail that the interviewed company might contact them in a day or so. So, it will be easier for them to attempt the call and provide reference once they have been called you for reference.

Contact them in timings as mentioned by them:Once you complete the interview, wait for the time till the company people will call back you. Contact the interviewed persons at a specified time and take feedback and explain them that how you are asset to the company and you are so much interested to company culture.

Keep searching for jobs:It is advised to not stop your job search, even if you are damn sure about your interview. In this way, you can evaluate your market better and you will get to know about the salary range of the market.Be professional when you do follow-up with the job interview, otherwise it may turn negative impact on you and spoils chances of winning.

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