Finding the gaps in resume is a bog task for employers: Study

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*Employees are trying to fill the gaps in employment revealed by a recent survey. Even many employees provide false information to bridge the gap of their career and employers are not able track it due to not finding proper mechanism or tools. If you have gaps in your profile and you are not interested to talk about it. It is not professional to say that you are working or started a business mean while in the gap. It is an embarrassing to explain the gaps to the recruiter. It is more happening in the situations where you can impress the recruiters with your additional skill based training programs and voluntary works.


*HR experts advise that you need to be honest about the breaks you have taken in your career like terminating from job, maternity leave and others. But a recent study reveals that many people lie about the employment gaps in their career. Even the same study reveal that the majority of lies in resumes for gaps have been occurred in major sectors like banking/financial services/ broking industry. Most of discrepancies occurred due to the same reason and 95 percent of discrepancies have been occurred because of the gaps in employment.

*The research report says that the sectors where candidates are observed in covering gaps are banking/financial services/ broking industry (41.69%), hotels/restaurants/airline/travel industry (38.31%) and telecom/ ISP industry (35.92%). The major causes of employment gaps are change the job for better positions or better job prospects, studies, pursuing long-term hobbies and health issues. These kind o f job gaps were searched and find by detailed verification only. Many job applicants leave the job gaps by stating as long leaves or ill health. A job not stated on the resume is a possibility of a gap and can only be checked by in-depth verification. Even some situations like pink slips and mistakes done in past job will be handled bit tough job while mentioning in resume. Candidates with years of experience also get saturated in mentioning their experience after working for many years.

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