Employee Disciplinary Memo

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Employee Disciplinary Memo

What is Disciplinary Memo?
An employee disciplinary memo is a kind of statement issued to an employee regarding her/his discipline, behavior or performance on behalf of a hosting company/organization. This memo is made on an employee who has stepped out of the line of limitations or disturbed the company rules and regulations. Disciplinary Memo has been typically issued to the employee only when the things verbally have gone out of hand to control.
By issuing this memo, company/organization typically warns the employee or takes strict actions against an employee whose behavior, activity or performance is proved to be harmful to the company or co-workers or workplace in any means.

What are the purposes of Disciplinary Memo?
A Disciplinary Memo may be issued for more than one purpose. On the first hand, it may be issued for a purpose which documents a warning regarding the employee’s poor/unsatisfied performance or unacceptable/unbearable behavior. Secondly, it documents about the attempts of reformation and improvement to the problem by the employee. And third, it documents about the discipline and outcomes taken by the targeted employee as a result of his/her behavior. It may also include the future warning and consequences like his/her job loss in case of problem is not solved even after warning.

What are the types of Disciplinary Actions?

Any of the following actions may be taken accordingly based on the employee’s actions and consequences.
• Verbal Warning – Typically the very first step is to warn the employee verbally and privately regarding his/her action that violated the company policy.
• Written Warning – If the employee ignores or fails to act on the verbal warning, then written warning is issued and kept as employee’s record.
• Suspension – This is the last action occurred in case both the above warnings fail to grab the attention of the employee.

Employee Disciplinary Memo

How to start a Disciplinary Memo?
Below are the steps on starting the Disciplinary Memo.
Step 1 – Write mentioning CONFIDENTIAL at the top of the document.
Step 2 – Provide the problem or main issue arose by the incident/event occurred because of the employee with date and time.
Step 3 – Explain briefly about the consequences of his/her actions including how this act of him/her affects the company.
Step 4 – Then list the statement of expectations and follow ups.

How to write the best Disciplinary Memo?

Tips to build the Best Disciplinary Memo
Firstly, the employer/Manager is advised to counsel then warn the employee about his/her poor performance or behavior or act privately referring him/her to the company’s Guideline/Rule Booklet. If these all efforts fail then the employer is required to issue the Disciplinary Memo.
Below are some techniques and steps on writing the best Disciplinary Memo.
● Give sufficient notices first.
● Specify the course of his/her action.
●Specify the reason behind the employee is receiving the memo.
●Use the right technical language and significant wordings.
● Write about performance issues/behavioral issues.
● Make an effective PIP (Performance Improvement Plan) for the employee.
● Maintain privacy: Don’t take matters personally.
●; Deliver the news/memo personally.
● Always do it in the supervision of the head of the company.
●Mention and quote from the Company’s Guideline Booklet.
Following is the sample of the Employee Disciplinary Memo you can use.

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