Easy and simple tips to make your telephonic interview successful

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Telephonic interview is done to evaluate a candidates technical abilities and decide whether he/she is suitable for employment or not. This is done to minimize the expenses that are involved in interviewing out of town candidates. In the process of job search it is important to be.

prepared for telephonic interview :because you may be asked for a telephonic interview at any time. Most of the employers prefer to take a telephonic interview because it will save time and as well as money. Many candidates will not have a clear idea of what will be asked in the interview and they stumble when they get the interview call.

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Therefore here are sometips to make your telephone interview successful:

you begin your job search, be prepared for the telephonic interview as you may get an interview call without any prior intimation and they will ask you if you few minutes to talk ?

Prepare for a telephonic interview as if you would normally prepare for a personal interview. Ask your friend or someone else to do a mock interview, this will help you to know the flaws in you and then you can make necessary corrections ?

If you think that it is not the right time or right place to take the interview, ask if you could talk at another time ?

Take the interview call in a place where it is free from sound pollution and also see that your mobile or telephone has full network coverage. Don't allow anyone to stay in the room at the time of interview ?

Turn off television or any other instruments that you think might be distracting ?

Keep your resume in your hand so that you can have a quick look when you have to answer questions ?

Prepare a list of your strengths, weaknesses and achievements and keep it with you for reference ?

Prepare the subject thoroughly so that you can answer the questions confidently ?

Always have a pen and paper in hand for note making ?

First wish them and then start the conversation ?

Be patient and listen to the question carefully, take a moment, think and then answer the question. Don't rush ?

Maintain a normal pitch of voice and have a smile on your face while speaking, because it will project a positive tone in your voice and pitch ?

If you dint understand the question, ask them to repeat the question. And also don't ask to repeat the question all the time, instead concentrate and listen carefully ?

If you don't know answer for a question that you have been asked, tell them that you don't know the answer in a polite way but don't sit calmly without speaking anything ?

Prepare a for a question to ask because most of the times employers at the end of the interview ask interviewees whether he/she has any questions to ask ?

Send a thank you note after finishing the interview so that will show your interest in the position

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