Dos and Don'ts of Appraisal

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This is the time for appraisals and evaluating your skills and presenting them to the employer is an important activity for getting a good salary hike. Most of us may not have salary negotiation skills.


Asking a pay hike without planning is also not advisable. Get prepared for the salary hike and discuss it in a professional way to get it done.


Evaluate your skills and job responsibilities:Recall your last appraisal and see how you have been rated in that. Explain very clearly about the additional job responsibilities you have undertaken and your contribution to the company in that particular time period.

Research on your salary:Find your worth in the market and compare your salary to the market salary. Research and do analysis for your salary in the market. Have an open minded nature from your boss perspective also. Be straight forward in addressing your issues to your boss and if he rejects your proposal then explain how you will be deserved to get hike and your efforts in completion of the tasks in the company.


Never ask more hike because you need more money: Remember that asking a hike for your needs is not a valid reason. What you deserve is based on the work youve done and your skills. Necessity is the not relevant fact to ask more hikes. Be professional at the time of bargaining also.

Never blackmail your employer with another offer letter:It is not reasonable to ask a hike by showing an offer letter with more pay than present. Threatening to quit and showing hike letters may never help you to solve the issue. Rather it sends negative signs to the employer.

Never seek an unrealistic hike:Never ask hike for unrealistic reasons. Never tell the reasons that your friends are earning more and value your worth as per the market and seek hike as per that. If you seek any unrealistic hike, it doesnt seem appropriate and not creates good impression.

Take prior permission of your boss for hike discussion:Schedule a meeting and talk to your boss on hike. But never enter into your boss room without permission to discuss on hike.

Never assume that your work speaks about your worth:Never assume that your work speaks about you. Talk about the work done and prove it with figures what you have done.

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