Do you know what are the tips to be labeled as a good boss?

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Becoming a boss might be easy but being a good boss is difficult at times. Being a peoples person and treating the team with respect is very important for a boss to be labeled as good boss. Boss who has no respect, who is ineffective at managing the staff will be disliked by the staff and will become a bad boss in the eyes of the employees.


Winning the confidence of a team is very important, should have some good qualities and should be very respectful to be called as a good boss.

Here are some tips to be labeled as a good boss:

  • Lead the team with a good attitude:Being a boss doesn't mean that you get the credit for all the work that is done. It is staff which takes the responsibility of completing the work. Therefore encourage the team to work in a good team spirit and get all the work done.
  • Delegate responsibilities:When you train someone to handle a task, allow them to handle it without interfering. Everyone has a different way of approaching the work and their way of doing work may be just as efficient as the way you would do it. Instead of forcing your way on someone, give an honest evaluation to the method, and if you find it works just as well, even if its different from yours, let it be. Constantly correcting the team reduces their confidence and does not allow them to proceed in their own style. So team building is an important act in leadership.
  • Know your employees and have trust in them:Have good communication skills with each and every individual of the team and clearly state their role. It is the responsibility of the boss to know which employees do what is required in their jobs, and which employees do all they can in their jobs. Having trust in the employees is very important as this will help in mutual growth.
  • Be a good listener:Have patience to listen the problems of your employees and deal with those problems quickly. Employees have the right tell their concerns and as a boss you should listen to them. Understand their concerns as this is important to their sense of empowerment and significance. Remember that your goal is to promote productive behavior and retain the respect of your employee, but not to provoke employees, particularly in front of others.
  • Appreciate their work:Never hesitate to appreciate and compliment for whatever good work they do. When the team feels that they are valued and appreciated, they feel more responsible about their work. As a boss you should have strong leadership qualities to encourage your employees and also appreciate their work

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