Do you know the importance of writing skills in a job?

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In many businesses and organizations efficient and effective written communication skills are very important and email is the most common way to communicate at workplace.Writing skills are very much important for the people who are professions like journalism, content writing and paralegal or public relations and other professionals also needs people with good written and oral skills. Almost everyone at the work place have to send emails, write notes, letters and texts.


Therefore having professional writing skills is very much important whether it may be writing to a manager, messaging a colleague or crafting a newsletter for company. If one doesnt have good writing skills then it may hinder their career. So improve communication skills with practice and training. If an employee of a company is sending a mail with lot of mistakes and grammatical errors without proof reading, then the recipient of the email will not understand what is conveyed in the mail or message. This will damage the senders reputation, ultimately which effects goodwill of an organization. People with good writing skills are more credible and tend to be more perceived and more intelligent than others. Many employees do not know how to write an effective and clear email and they commit lot of mistakes while writing an email. So to overcome this, companies have to teach effective business communication practices to their employees and make them to practice.

Things to keep in mind before planning to write:

  1. First know the purpose of writing and your intent. You also need to have a clear sense of why you are writing.
  2. Next you have to know your target group of audience and the way to reach them directly.
  3. As writing is an extension of relationship with the person, it is good to visualize the person reading and reacting to your writing.

Things to keep in mind while writing:

  1. Write confidently and one can only be confident when they have planned, organized and have enough knowledge about writing stuff.
  2. Write the content by using a tone that is polite and sincere, because if your tone while writing is not polite then it may sound condescending. If you are writing in a respectful and honest manner, then the recipient will be more willing in accepting your message.
  3. Maintaining appropriate level of difficulty, in conveying the message is also very important. It is better to write by keeping the reader abilities in mind.
  4. Do not use too complex or too simple words. And is also very important to convey the message in a neutral language. Ensure that your writing is free of bias based on factors like race, ethnicity, religion, age, sexual orientation, and disability.

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