Do you know office manners? Read this

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Good work place behavior helps us being recognized as a responsible employee from a normal employee.

office manners

Following some office manners may help you to get reorganization at office:

Don't be on social media at office hours: Using social media at office hours is not encouraging as it is a big problem. When you are attending a meeting and you are on social media, it doesn't looks well and the third person may feel that you are not giving any attention to the discussion at meeting. Social media at work place distracts you from work and also reduces your productivity also. Check your Facebook and other updates at the time of lunch or other breaks.Top companies are restricting their employees from using social media in office hours.

Never disturb your coworkers place: Instead of rushing to somebodys cabin, send an email or chat message to check the person is available or not Respect your co-workers privacy and behave accordingly.

Follow the workplace fashion:Follow the workplace fashion and go along with the crowd. Observe the co-workers dressing style and if your boss comes in a casual dressing that it is a signal that, casual dressing is allowed at work place. If you dress up casually at a formal work place then it is too bad as dressing up formally at a casual work place.

Don't gossip on your co-worker: Never gossip on your coworkers on their personal issues or professional life. Discussions with a louder voice at work place may also distract other people at work place and creates an unprofessional environment.

Don't be on phone in office hours: Talking on personal phone at work cabins and speaking over speaker phones is also not a good etiquette. You can avoid this kind of gossiping by moving from the place of discussion to somewhere.

Never search jobs from work place: If you want to change your job, then ever search new job from your current work place. It is not advisable that using present company resources for job search. It is not also loyal that you are using your company resources for searching a new job. If you have any system monitoring in your office, then this information will be spread across the office and creates bad impression on you and it also results in less hike at the time of annual appraisals.

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