Do you have long term employment gaps in your resume?

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Most of them have employment gaps due to unemployment or some other reason in their resume and this may hurt their chances of getting hired. Also if one has a stable employment with a company and they did not show any progress during their employment, then this will also not make an impressive mark on the potential employer who is viewing the resume. When an employee sticks with a company for many years, it can be taken in two ways: one is that the company is very good and you are lucky enough to be associated with the company. Second thing is that you don't like to take up new challenges and you don't like to step out of the comfort zone.


Some employers take it positively and some employers take it negatively because of following reasons:

They doubt about your ambitions and motivations: If an employee has been working with the same company for years and their resume shows the title same as when they started, then the employer will think that you have not reached to the peak of your career. Employers always look for people who are ambitious and motivated to progress.

They may doubt on your marketable skills: In your long term employment with a company, your skills may grow stale and the employer may think that you know only one way of doing things. Employers want to know many things while interviewing like how effective and competitive you are in doing things differently, how well you can adapt to a new environment etc. these are the points where your long term employment with your employer will impress the potential employer.

They will look for advancement: Potential employers also look for the advancements. If you got promotion or got transferred to work in other departments, list them in your resume, so that the employer feels that you made advancements in your career.

To avoid miscommunication between you and the employer, make your resume effective by:

Adding all your achievements: Instead of listing all your achievements as a whole, break them and specify your challenges and accomplishments separately. This will show to the employer that you have continued to acquire knowledge, achieved new outcomes and you have excelled throughout your career with the long term employer.

Mention all the training you took: If you have continued to take training relevant to your job or you have pursued some education, mention all that in brief in your resume. This will show to the potential employer that you have a desire to learn new things and improve your abilities in making your job successful.

Give a genuine reason for leaving your long term employer: Every potential employer wants to know why the candidates have left their previous job. They want to know whether you are really serious about moving on from your long term employer or you are just leaving for reasons of a bailout perhaps your performance has grown stale and you are simply looking for a way out.

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