Do you have any questions for us? Questions to be asked for employers

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Interview is a two way process and it is important to ask questions both employers and employees. Employers will ask questions to know the candidates thinking and jobseekers will also ask questions to know about the company details and other elements during the interview. We have all been there! It's that time in an interview when you have answered every interview questionthrown at you in a sharp, authoritative, relevant manner. Candidates who have been coming for interview will be given a chance to ask question about the details of company.

Do you have any questions for us Questions to be asked for employers

This is agreat opportunity for employer to ask questions by analyzing the facts about the company. Even the employers analyze the candidates based on the questions they have asked. So utilize this opportunity to demonstrate your skills by searching about organization, industry and other skills. So ask below questions to the interviewer:

What do you say about your company culture:Company culture reflects the organization environment and it discovers the company is communications channels and let you reveal that you fit for the company work cultureor not. If you are an outgoing person then definitely you would understand the company culture.

What do you expect from employees in first month:A candidate with great skills will always make difference and definitely they will know about organization culture and fit elements very soon.

Do you offer any professional training programs to your employees:Expand your knowledge by adding more qualifications to your list and it ll ultimately growing with the employer would put you in good stead.

How am unique with other candidates:Here you are going to know about the perception of employers on this and it is a risky strategy to take because you might get an answer you won't be happy with. But if you are prepared to take a risk, then this final question is a gamble that might just pay off.

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