Do you have a high emotional quotient at work? Here are some tips

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Being highly emotional can at times become problematic at the workplace and it may also be hazardous to an employees career. Tears, anger, irritation etc on regular basis can decrease their credibility at the workplace. Balanced emotional quotient can help to build good workplace relations with colleagues and to take up challenges in a positive frame of mind whereas high emotional quotient can damage reputation. Therefore it is very important to have balanced emotion to heave healthy work life style at the workplace.


Here are some tips for you to avoid too much of emotional quotient:

Spot out the areas of difficulty:People sometimes may get too attached in some matters or with some people. Find out the reason behind why you are getting emotional intelligence in those matters or with those people. Once you identify deal it with a challenge and alert yourself while dealing with them. If you do not do so, you may be moved on for being oversensitive and this will become a red mark in your career.

Work sensibly:It is good to be ambitious but being a realistic planner is also important because when you get too emotional about your work, then planning may become crucial. Be practical and don't let factors like unaccomplished targets be a cause for your being emotional at work. Try to be self motivate, be optimistic and work sensibly.

Know your limitations:Remember that nobody is an expert in doing all the tasks at the workplace. So, know what are the areas that you lack behind and work on those areas to improve yourself. Knowing your limitations and accepting them will help you in managing your emotions at work. Avoid negative attitude and apply positive thoughts.

Be patient enough:Balancing your high emotional quotient is not an easy task and it takes time. So, begin the process and in the meanwhile do not lose your patience and don't quit in the middle. Think of the negative consequences that you may face if you are oversensitive and work accordingly. You are the person who is responsible for everything you do, therefore be patient, careful and think practically at the workplace to avoid too much of emotion at the workplace. All these will not only help you in controlling your emotions but will also help you to lead successful career in future.

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