Did your resume have lies?

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Nowadays accompanies in IT sector, banking sector, health sector, telecom sector, finance sectors are undergoing for employee checks at all levels of employment. Recruiters will reject such kind of application who has mentioned false information on their resume to recruit a fictitious candidate. Many multinational companies, Indian companies and foreign companies across India are performing background checks for entry level to middle management jobs to recruit high quality talented people. The major reason for employment discrepancies in India is that employees are providing untruthful information in major sectors like ravel and hospitality, education, healthcare and pharmacy sectors. Generally these discrepancies occurred more in middle level management level jobs in portraying their experiences and fake company experience. So, many companies are using very authentic style of checking to give primary attention to their brand, status and value. Even many companies are establishing their own methods to do all these credential checks by checking the previous employer status and academic qualifications and efficiency of the employee. Avail resume services to get a professional resume. NAASCOM has set up a unit named The National Skills Registry (NSR) with a database of background information with personal, academic and employment details of employees who were working in IT/ITes companies.


Below issues are raised in employers recruitment to get selected in any interview:

Fake company: Fake documents and certificate letters of experience submitted with fake letter head of the company are verified at the time of background verification. Companies are contacting the people mentioned on letter head and visiting the company address given at letter head. In case if they are caught at the time of verification their employment will be strictly cancelled or terminated.

Once proven candidate: If a candidate is proved as he submitted fake documents then he will not be considered as reliable in his further career. In recent years, there has been an increase in the number of cases of fake previous employment certificates and education degrees.

Incomplete degree: When a candidate has shown great performance in an interview with a standards resume by projecting his skillstes and he proved that he has not completed his education, then the candidate will rejected instantly. Wrong designation: When an employee stated themselves with wrong designation also impact their career and once they found they will get terminated.

Fake educational certificates: Sharing face experience tenure and educational qualifications with certificates are seriously considered by employers and subject to raising the questions on ethical values of employees.

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