Did you know that long term employment affects your resume?

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Most of us know that employment gaps in the resume can hurt the career of a candidate, but what we don't know is that long term employment with the same employer can also be treated negatively. It decreases the chances of getting hired because recruiters may think that you are not ready to take up new challenges.


There could be several others reasons behind this and those are listed below:

They may doubt on ambitions and motivations:When a candidate has a long term employment with the same employer and the resume contains same titles as when they started, this will make the recruiter think that you did not show any progress in your career and you don't like stepping out of the comfort zone. Employers look for candidates who are ambitious and self motivated towards progressing in their career.

Doubt on your skills and advancement:When you have a long term association with the company, recruiters think that you know only one way of doing things and you don't show interest in exploring new ways to handle tasks differently.

To avoid such kind of situation: Show your advancement and achievements:Make a note in your resume, all the promotions, advancements and transfers you got in your career. Rather than grouping all your achievements, break them down by giving a specific title and date for each challenge and accomplishment that you got in your career. Achievements in your resume project the same company for many tears as it may hamper your career growth. This will show that you continued to acquire knowledge and achieved new outcomes throughout your career.

Mention all the training that you have taken:In your long term career you might have taken some training or you might have continued to pursue education for further advancement in your career. Mention all the training that you took relevant to your job as this will show that you have a desire to improve your skills.

Give a genuine reason:Potential recruiter always wants to know why you leaved your last job. They want to know how serious you are about moving in to a new job. Give them a genuine answer and never talk negatively about your past employer and express in a positive way that you value all the experience and skills that you gained in your previous position. Say that you are looking for an opportunity to apply your marketable skills and looking to gain some new experiences. Being genuine is the best way to impress an employer, so provide genuine information and avoid lying on your resume. If recruiters get any doubt in any particular area of your resume, they may pass on your resume and application.

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