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Promotion: It brings new responsibilities and challenges along with it as it is climbing up to the next level of organizations hierarchy. Getting a promotion for all the hard work and efforts you put in is worthwhile, but along with that you need to take up lot of new responsibilities.As a new leader, one has to take some initiative to handle the responsibilities successfully because now, their success definition will change from individual success to team success.

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Here are some tips for newly promoted bosses:

Get adjusted to the new environment:In the initial days of your promotion, you will have to understand your new work responsibilities. This is the crucial period where your bosses gauge your performance and your dynamics in governing the team. Therefore you have to make yourself comfortable and try to learn as much as you can. The best way to start off is to gain the teams trust by demonstrating your dedication and commitment towards your job.

Get adjusted with your colleagues:Once you get promotion, your peers become your juniors and your previous bosses become your peers. Therefore it is very important to adjust in relations at the work place. Once you acquire the seniority, questions arise like should I remain friends with my peers or should act like a boss. It is better to maintain an unbiased professional approach in such kind of situations, because a boss cannot be a buddy to his/her employees.

Get updated yourself:It is a known fact that you have got promotion because you have proved your performance and skills and your boss might have found you as the perfect choice to be in the promoted role. Keep up the good work, identify what extra skills you should equip to fit in perfectly in the new role and also keep the learning curve going.

Get understand the job profile:Take up a proactive approach in understanding your job requirements and manage accordingly. Manage the job postings to hire right fit for the posts. Take the help of your boss and fellow managers whenever needed and be clear on the expectations from you and your team and also on the overall goals of the organization. Be settled and calm and maintain good work place relationship with your team and also with your superiors.

Be an effective team lead: As a leader your success definition will change from individual achievement to team achievement. You will have to maintain effective delegations and see that your team performance is meeting the expectations. This will help you lead your team effectively towards success.

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