Did you get a negative feedback from your boss? Tips to bounce back after a bad performance review

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Employees in their company may sometimes, receive negative feedback because of their poor performance at work. When they receive negative feedback, they will get depressed and do not show any interest to work. Well it is quite natural to feel defensive when somebody gives a negative feedback, but reacting seriously may worsen situations and may lead to losing employment. Taking the feedback positively to improve self confidence and doing extra hard work to get back on the track is the key to an exceptional one the next time around.


Here are some suggestions to bounce back after a bad performance review:

A note and ask questions: Instead of getting depressed about the feedback, start the preliminary process by taking both good and bad of the feedback. When the employer is stressing on the things which you should excel in your work, then take a pen and paper and note them. This will show that you are really committed to improve better and do something with the feedback instead of just receiving it. Ensure that you clearly understand their remarks, if you don't understand then ask for a clarification.

Treat the feedback positively: When you get a negative feedback, it is very important that you take it positively. You might have worked hard, but once think of what might have contributed in getting a poor feedback. It depends on the way you interpret it and how you want to approach those changes. Treat the feedback as a gift and if you think that the feedback you get fits you, then you can make necessary changes that support your professional development. And if you feel that the feedback you got is not correct, take feedback from other sources and then decide what to do. Finally, if the feedback doesn't reflect you and your work, then it is better to ignore it. Taking the feedback positively will give you an opportunity to learn from your mistakes and to find solutions to avoid them in future. This will boost your confidence levels and you can handle them effectively if they arise again.

Be a self critic: Self evaluation is very important for each and every employee as it will help them to judge and monitor their own progress more scrupulously, rather than leaving the judgment entirely to the superiors. When one self evaluates their performance, it will avoid unpleasant surprises at the time of performance review. By doing self evaluation, you will get a clear idea of what your boss is expecting from you and what you are giving from yourself.

Act accordingly: After receiving bad performance review, you have to weigh your options and make necessary changes. Organize yourself and prepare a calendar that includes all the tasks that you need to be completed for a week or a month and schedule smart work planner. Showing good organizational skills and self esteem will help you in keeping track of what's going on and minimizes the risk of falling behind on your work.

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