Design thinking and data driven hiring are emerging trends in recruitment sector

Posted on 31st Jan 2018 | 1178 views

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Recent trends in the market have changed the face of recruitment. The technological innovations in the market have led to creation of new jobs across various industries. To reach the high volumes of recruitments, hiring managers have started looking at sophisticated solutions to hire the right talent. Demand for online hiring became main entity. Artificial intelligence and design thinking have become popular in this decade.


Here's how some trends have impacted positively in the coming year:

Data driven hiring: The traditional way of hiring from job portals and company websites has gone and the advent of machine learning algorithms for hiring playing big role in the hiring industry. Sourcing right talent is considered as strategic activity rather than an operational one. Hiring is not considered as a HR activity as it is considered as a data driven activity also.

Mobile recruitment: Smart phones have simplified the recruitment process and job searching process. Many corporate have changed tweaked their career pages/sites mobile friendly to be accessible to recruiters and job seekers. But very less percentage of companies are investing in mobile recruitment.

Design thinking: Design thinking is not just a framework to develop new products but it is an application to simplify the process across domains including HR functions like hiring and training. The candidates experience will have great impact on the brand and image of the company, for he/she is a customer too.

The power of social media: However, LinkedIn is the right platform for recruitment; companies are looking for other alternative channels like snapchat and Instagram also. Social media channels are bridging the gap between recruiters and the candidate. To appeal the millennial workforce, hiring managers are projecting the lighter corner of the organization.

Brand building: It has become an imperative task for organizations and HR managers to maintain the positive brand among the employee community. While prospective employers look at these portals, interact with current employees, understand the organization and its work culture and then make an informed decision.

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