CMMI level 5 companies in India

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The CMMI level 5 companies in India are those that gained the level 5 ranking. To be clearer about what this is, first what CMM is? Capability Maturity Model or CMM is a method using which the maturity level of the software development process of any company or an organization is assessed in a scale of 5 levels depending on the KPA. Either as an individual or an employee or an employer keen to understand how to measure the CMM level of any organization then it’s important to understand what the different maturity levels are.

Level- 5 Companies

Starting from the beginning Maturity Level-1 (Initial) is that where there will be no project process followed and neither will there be any way to track the time and costing. Maturity Level-2 (Managed), is where the project will be managed to a very basic level by installing softwares or tools but runs lack of discipline and coordination amongst the various intermediary groups. Maturity Level-3 (Defined), is the middle level where all the necessary software/tools are installed while the users (developers) follow the guidelines for a well-organized execution of multiple projects at any point of time. Maturity Level-4 (Quantitatively Managed) is that where the organization follows level 3 conditions and also maintains its own process to maintain the quality of the projects. Maturity Level-5 (Optimizing) is that which meets all goals set in levels 1-4 along with innovation and optimization.

Level- 5 Companies

The level 5 companies are the ones that have a set software development process, quality adherence with clearly defined responsibilities to team members, a well maintained project tracking tool along with constant innovations and optimization to eliminate defects in the software development process.

There are a total of 34 CMM level 5 companies in India. Level 5 company means the company that have all the goals met in levels 1-4 with the addition of constant innovation and optimization for streamlining the development process by eliminating defects.

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