Boss is Boss: What kind of boss is yours?

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However, the boss is one person. But the nature of the bosses differs from one boss to other. It is not suggestible that you are not supposed to judge your boss. The opinions about boss also differ from one person to other.

Boss is Boss

Whatever the nature of boss, dealing with him is unavoidable.

Below tips may help you to deal with different kinds of bosses:

I know everything kind of boss:There is a difference between in asking Boss, this will help us to get succeed in this task. Then you know that you will get this answer No way. I know this is not going to work here. You do what I tell you to do. Here you are need not to worry for rejecting your ideas, because you know already about him and his thought procedure.

How to deal:Here the ideas given by you should look as taking approval from him, not like suggesting him. Finally ask him to take decision. Then it will make some difference.

Sadistic boss:If you have a boss like this, your day starts with shouting like Why are you five minutes late to work today and cant you know to inform before leaving yesterday? These kinds of bosses will always be aggressive in nature and degrades their subordinates and underestimates their capabilities.

How to deal:In this kind of situations, you have to leave your ego at home itself. Never argue with your boss. Never ask for excuses and be responsible for your mistakes to make him cool.

Inaccessible bosses:This kind of bosses always hides and never seeks. You have some urgent work with your boss and knocked his door. Boss saying, busy come later. If you went after sometime also, your boss is busy and no response. After some time you went inside, without taking permission, then your boss is on personal phone speaking continuously. Here obviously, you will get angry on him. But, Boss is Boss Get free job alerts to your inbox.

How to deal:Send emails before the task submission and take prior permission for meeting and also send reminders about the same in advance to complete the task on time.

Old methodology bosses:This type of bosses adopts only old methodologies, they never interested in new technologies. These bosses will be more cost effective and they never learn new things and not allow you also. Completing the tasks in time will be the major issue with old methodologies.

How to deal:Note down everything your boss saying and keep up to date of all paper work. Listen very carefully and prepare notes and mail to the concern by keeping him CC. Maintain professional language in mails.

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