Body language for a successful interview

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Interview is a place where the interviewer not only tests personals skills and also tests his/her attitude for the long term association of the organization. Having skills not only helps to be successful in an interview, but your body language also determines the fate of your interview. Therefore it is important to pay attention on below things at the time of interview:


2.The handshake

3.Feet positioning


5.Arm position

6.Space between you and the interviewer

7.Eye contact.


Below important points help you to maintain positive body language to get succeed in an interview. These points may be differing from position to position.

Clothing: Your clothing should give you the comfort where you are physically and emotionally more comfortable. You should be comfortable in your dressing and people who feel good of them will experience the successful interview. It doesnt mean that, if you are comfortable in Jeans and T shirt or Shorts you should come in that way for an interview. Chose the professional attire and come in that way.

Hand Shake: Your handshake will make you half winner at interview. Handshake seems simple but it is an important act of interview. Let the interviewer offer the hands first. Shake the hands with a professional tone and grasp the palm in a soft manner.

Position of feet:Sit in a straight posture, like feet on the floor and women should avoid crossing their legs and men should not sit with their legs too far apart.

Seating:The best important interview tips are that, waiting till the interviewer offer a seat to sit. Choose a place where you can see all the interview members.

Space between you and the interviewer: Dont be aggressive in interviews. Job interview success mostly depends on appearance. So, it is not important to give the perception of being aggressive. Maintain a 30-36 inches space between the interviewer and you.

Eye contact: This is most important aspect of the interview. Maintaining eye contact is most important for a successful job interview. It conveys your personality to the interviewer in an effective way.

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