Beat the Monday blues and get ready to work

Posted on 24th Nov 2014 | 1129 views

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Why a Monday can't be a Friday?

Sometimes thinking about Monday it brings different mix of feelings like strain, worry, despondency, lack of energy, and discomfort. Career experts' advice some tips to overcome Monday blues which are well known in corporate world.

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Gain more energy on Monday: When you feel that Monday blues are common then it clearly shows that you are less motivated at work. You are not interested to go to the work and something is wrong basically and you need to find out that and deal with it clearly. The reasons may include that you are not passionate towards your work, Job profile, issues in work environment and colleagues and boss etc.

Have a pleasant and peaceful weekend: If you spend your weekend with more joy and cheer will make your Monday happy. Recharge yourself at weekend with your near and dear. Before leaving for home ensure that there is nothing pending in your inbox, no pending calls or paperwork, incomplete MIS or miscellaneous tasks left for Monday.Make your deskwith no pending works and it will avoid you from work hangovers on Monday.

Spend you're wakened with family and friends on your own way: Recharge yourself on weekends to work energetic on Monday. Work on your hobbies and meet friends and spend quality time with them to get rid of Monday blues. So you will ensure that personal and other issues will not bother your work.

Start Monday with professional success: Associate Monday with biggest success of career and observe how Monday will go on with more energy. This willdefinitely increase your energyand positive strength in a dynamic way. Also remember, what you appreciate, appreciates. Remember all happy times you had in office. This will help put you in the right frame before you reach work and will elevate your energy level at work.

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