Are your emails being ignored? Here's how to get prompt response for your emails

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According to the recent study the total number of emails sent and received in 2015 was noted as 205 billion per day. A study by email Productivity Company analyzed data from 5.3 million emails to find out what was most likely to get a response. However, the reason for not answering your email could be that they are mess-up in bulk mails. Making your email short and to the point can help them focus on a response. The person might be busy to scan it, figure out what you need and deliver solid answers when you sent business mails.


- The study mentioned that emails containing 75 to 100 words were most likely to receive a response. To get noticed by the receiver break up paragraphs and use bullet points to make it easier to scan. While emails at a third-grade reading level had a 53% response rate, compared to a 39% for emails written at a college reading level. Keep the language simple; avoid unnessacary jargons and fussy formatting. If an email with more spacing, bulleted text, bold deadlines and simple verbiage, the easier you'll be understood. An email with moderately positive or negative will get 15% more response than a normal email.

- An email of full negative vibes will likely to get negative response. According to the study by email services company also found that subject lines makes huge difference in reaching targeted customers. An email with the subject lines of three or four words likely to get more responses. Here you can create subject lines that convey the desired action in the subject line. The survey also found that asking one to three questions was most effective way to get expected results. Including that information makes it more likely you'll get a response and including opinions and personal perspectives of others is another way.

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