Are you worrying about losing your job? Here are some tips for you

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Most of the employees have a fear of losing their job or getting fired. Reasons of firing an employee could be many like decreased productivity, due to recession hitting the company, when the company is facing losses and when an employee is not performing as expected etc. Due to these reasons employees will be under constant fear of becoming unemployed. Employees have to strive hard to secure their job.


Here are some tips for employees to make them feel secured at work:

  • Maintain a positiveattitude:At times it will be difficult for the employees to accept the fact that they will be fired or terminated. Due to this fear, they will not be able to concentrate on their work. Instead of thinking that you may be fired, concentrate on your strengths, talent and skills and utilize your skills to maximum extent to improve yourself at work. This will automatically make you feel confident about your work and you will not have a fear of losing your job.
  • Self motivation:Having self motivation will help you in all ways. So, think bigger, explore your career options and motivate yourself. Measure you performance by asking some questions to yourself that what you wanted to be?, where you are? how to overcome fear? and how can you improve yourself?. All these are a part of self motivation and this will help to know your strengths and were you lack behind. Recognizing your strengths will improve your confidence levels and will give you courage to face the situations.
  • Give your best at work:Most of the employees just give whatever is expected from them and they do not put efforts to perform better. These employees will have more chances of facing termination. Therefore, better way to avoid this is to perform and deliver little more than what is expected from you. This will add extra value to your job will also make you feel more secured at work. Your extra efforts will make your boss feel that the company needs you.
  • Have networks:Even after putting lot of efforts, if you really have a fear of being fired, then maintain networks. Networking with people who work in other companies will help you in your job search. Create a strong LinkedIn profile and increase your professional online presence. Be in contact with your ex-colleagues, clients and your friends as you never know where the opportunity will come from.
  • Improve your skills:Polish your skills by taking some advanced training on your related skill. Continuously work on improving your skills and if needed attend workshops and free seminars. This will add more credibility to your resume and adds value to your job career.

Doing these changes will help you to get rid of the fear of getting fired and make you feel more confident and secured at work.

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